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 Against Your Will - NaruSasu Fanfic

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PostSubject: Against Your Will - NaruSasu Fanfic   Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:11 am

Against Your Will

By: Kigen and Faraway Dawn

Because of my recent turning of Faraway Dawn into a Narutard; our love for NaruSasu, and the fact that there are few good Sasuke uke fics, I bribed Faraway Dawn into a roleplay. ... And this would be the twisted result. Guess who played who. Whichever reviewer gets it wins a prize. This is our practise rp. We haven’t even started the serious one yet.

Disclaimer: We totally abused the curse seal in this rp. If Naruto was ours, this would be the result.

I remember vaguely reading this fanfiction years ago... and really liking it.

Of course, I think she was only at chapter 9 at that time...

Now she's at chapter 30 or something...


Hopefully it remained good...

I'm sure Kai's read it XP

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 pt 1   Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:16 am


Sasuke stood over his fallen enemy. Orochimaru had given him an assassination to complete, but his enemy had not gone down without a fight. He winced. The bastard had nearly sapped all his chakra, and crushed his right arm. His hip was bruised, possibly broken, and his ribs were at least bruised. Hissing, he began his way back to Orochimaru's lair, only to stumble and end up leaning against a three as his hip decided it didn't want to function anymore. Sliding to the ground, he closed his eyes and groaned. “Damnit.”

Naruto began walking back toward the camp after finishing training. He grumbled slightly and rubbed his stomach. It was then, he noticed something by a tree a bit ahead. “Hm...” He headed towards the tree upon realizing it is a person. “Hey! Hey you alright?”

Sasuke’s head jerked. That couldn't be... Hell no it couldn't be...

Naruto slowed down near the tree. “Hey? I asked if you were...” He stopped and looked at the person at the base of the tree. “S-Sasuke...”

Jerking his body, Sasuke forced himself to his feet. He would not stay here with him; not in this condition and unable to fight.

“Hey, hey! Wait!” Naruto looked Sasuke over. “...You're hurt. You shouldn't move.”

Sasuke ground his words out. “I'm fine.” He was unable to stand up without steadying himself against the tree with his good arm. “Fuck off.”

Naruto narrowed his eyes. “Like hell you're alright! You can't even stand on your own!” he gritted his teeth in frustration.

“It's none of your concern.” Sasuke glared at the blond; face abnormally pale, even for him.

“It is my concern! Now shut up and sit back down. You need to have your injuries treated or you won't last on your own out here.”

“I said fuck off. You're not touching me.” He felt so weak and pathetic.

Naruto took Sasuke's hand from the tree and forced him to sit down. “And I said shut up and let me take care of those injuries. If you want to get yourself killed have a little dignity and at least be able to go out putting up a good fight. Psh...If you fought in this condition a four year old could kill you.”

“Why the hell should you care?” Sasuke’s eyes narrowed.

“Why the hell wouldn't I?” Naruto grumbled to himself. “Always trying to act tough... You're gonna get yourself killed if you keep this up.”

“So are you idiot. Saving your enemies is moronic, even for you.” Sasuke jerked away from Naruto's touch, making it as difficult as possible.

“Not accepting help when you're in this kind of condition is beyond moronic... especially for you...”

Sasuke snorted. “Hypocrite. You could be in worse condition than me, and you still wouldn't let Orochimaru-sama touch you.” he turned his head away from Naruto.

“Damn right I wouldn't let him. You can't trust that bastard. If I were in this condition.” Naruto made a makeshift splint for Sasuke's arm. “I'd rather die than let him help me. I'd be more willing to accept help from your brother than him. But as it turns out, I'm not in your condition, and I'm certainly not it worse condition.” he grinned stupidly. “So I don't have to worry about that now do I?”

“Idiot.” Sasuke growled, but staid still for the most part; ignoring him.

Naruto shrugged. “At least I'm a nice idiot.”

Sasuke continued to ignore him, hoping that if he was silent enough, Naruto would get bored or pissed, and go away once his injuries were bandaged.

“You know... you won't be moving for a few days at the least.” Naruto started wrapping bandages. “You shouldn't be out here alone if you can't move.”

No way in hell idiot.

“Guess that mean's I'll have to do it.”


Naruto looked at Sasuke. “You've got a better idea I suppose?” Naruto muttered. “Like I said, ‘a four year old could kill you in the condition you're in.’”

“Then let a four year old kill me. I'm not staying anywhere near you.”

Naruto muttered to himself. “Maybe I should bandage your mouth so you can't argue.”

Sasuke jerked away. Naruto was almost done bandaging him anyway, and fought his way to his feet. “Just fuck off and go away.” He was about to fall over.

Naruto rose to his feet quickly and carefully caught hold of Sasuke. “Didn't I tell you you couldn't move yet? Seriously, you really are stupid sometimes. Just let your injuries heal damnit.”

Sasuke breathing was labored. “Let go of me damnit.” He jerked away from Naruto.

Naruto narrowed his eyes. “You can barely breathe! Just swallow your damn pride and rest until you've healed!” he kept a tight grip on Sasuke.

Sasuke was glaring, still panting. “Get the hell away from me.”

“Don't make me knock you out. It's not as fun doing that when you can't even fight back.”

“I'd rather die then be coddled by you.”

“You can be such a pain in the ass you know. So, exactly how many ribs did you break? I mean if you're having such a hard time breathing you probably do have a broken rib or two.” he looked around. “And who the hell managed to do all this to you anyway? Last I knew you weren't a total pushover.”

“None of your damn concern. Let. Go.”

“You want to fall to the ground and have another injury to add to the list?” Naruto was seriously thinking about knocking Sasuke out and taking him back to camp to heal.

Sasuke’s body was trembling from the effort of standing upright, even though Naruto was supporting most of his weight. “How many times do I have to tell you to fuck off before you listen?”

“Probably as many times as I'd have to tell you to shut up and rest before you listen.”

“Then let's cut things short and just leave me alone.”

“Oh come on you've gotta know me better than that by now.”

“Unfortunately. Go.” his vision was getting a little hazy.

“Come on...” Naruto looked at Sasuke with concern. “You really need to lay down or something. It'll be easier to breathe on your back. I can help you down.”

“Fuck... off.” he was wavering.

“You know I'm not going anywhere until you're better.”

“St'p...” his vision was fading in and out, body wavering. “Fuck...”

Naruto helped Sasuke to the ground. “Stop being a dumbass and rest. Here, I'll make you a deal. You shut up and rest for a day or so and then I'll leave. Alright?”

“Not making deals... bastard...”

Naruto pushed Sasuke down to the ground. “Too bad. You're not in any condition to be objecting. Now shut up and lay still.” the blond crossed his arms. “You'll have an easier time breathing. And you damn well better lay still or I will knock you out.” he brandished his fist. “Got it?”

“No...” Sasuke groaned, trying to get up again. His arm gave out as he crashed to the ground.

“You'd feel a hell of a lot better a hell of a lot sooner if you would shut up and listen to me for once.”

“D'nt care... Bastard...” he was straining.

“Since I'd rather not knock you out...” Naruto struck a series of pressure points on Sasuke's body to immobilize him. “...Guess that'll have to do.”

Sasuke choked, unable to move from the neck down or even really talk. He tried to concentrate on breathing.

“Give it a minute and you'll be fine. Sakura was always better at that than me.” Naruto shrugged slightly. “Let's just hope you don't spike a fever or anything. With injuries like yours you probably will get sick.”

Sasuke glared weakly, his gaze unfocused. “Bas...” he wheezed.

“Yeah I know I'm a bastard.” He sat down and leaned back against a tree.

Sasuke closed his eyes, catching his breath and sulking. Damn Naruto. Damned bastard.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke. Good, finally resting. Why the hell does he have to be so damn stubborn anyway? He took a deep breath.

Sasuke’s energy was gone. He couldn’t move. Even though he forced himself conscious as long as possible, eventually he dozed off; his breath evening.

Naruto leaned back against the tree and forces self to remain awake despite exhaustion.

After a few short hours, Sasuke groaned in his sleep; cheeks flushed and skin starting to sweat.

Naruto shook his head slightly to wake up. He looked at Sasuke. “Hm...” He leaned over him and placed his hand on his forehead. Aw great. He's got a fever. Naruto looked around. I don't have anything to reduce a fever, and I can't leave him alone like this to get some water. He used one of the extra bandages to wipe the sweat from Sasuke's forehead. I knew this was gonna happen...

Sasuke groaned, eyes fluttering open from the feel of the cloth on his forehead. His eyes were hazy and blank, not recognizing anything in front of his. His stomach twisted, he felt nauseous.
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PostSubject: Chapter 1 pt 2   Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:16 am

Naruto looked at Sasuke. Awake... “Told you that you'd get a fever from all this.”

Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut, groaning. “Sh' up...”

“Quit talking. If you want this fever to go down faster you need to be quiet and rest. I'll take care of everything.”

“Bastard...” Sasuke mumbled, but behaved and laid quietly. He didn’t have the strength to do much else.

Naruto smiled slightly. “Do yourself a favor while you're just lying there; come up with something better than “bastard.” It's getting old.”

Just to annoy him, he muttered, “Dobe...”

Naruto twitched slightly. “Aw shut up and try to rest.”

Sasuke’s eyes fluttered shut again. He wasn’t in the mood to fight anything. “Dob...” he mumbled, dozing off again.

Naruto checked Sasuke's temperature against own. Nothing serious. If he sleeps it off he should be fine. He sighed and sat back.

Sasuke slept though most of the night, occasionally waking up. But he went back to sleep soon after each time.

Naruto yawned and struggled to remain awake. He checked on Sasuke occasionally until his fever broke. He ignored his stomach when it growled.

Sasuke slept well into the morning, before opening his eyes. His body ached. His temperature was still there, though slight. Groaning, and not quite awake, he tried to sit up.

Naruto yawned. “Thought I told you to quit trying to move till you were better.” He struggled to keep eyes open.

Sasuke blinked, the last night was coming back to him in bits. “Fuck.” he continued to try and get up.

Naruto mumbled. “You're just gonna hurt yourself more if you keep trying to move now.”

“You said one day Dobe. It's been a day.” Sasuke managed to sit upright, and tried getting to his feet.

“I said a day or two.” he crossed his arms and looked away. So damn stubborn! I should have just knocked him out.

“And it's been a day.” He rose to his feet, and crumpled to the ground.

“Yeah well...” He looked at Sasuke. “Looks to me like you need another day of rest.”

“I don't need anything.” Again, he tried to stand, visually grimacing from the stress on his hip.

Naruto got up and helped Sasuke stand. “You need a good punch in the face to bring you back down to earth... If you weren't hurt enough already I'd give you a few of them.”

“I don't need any of your fucking favors.” he slumped against Naruto, trying to support his own weight and failing.

Naruto grumbled in frustration. “Stubborn fool.” he supported Sasuke. “How bad is your hip?”

“None of your business.” Sweat was beading his forehead from the effort of standing. His hip was nothing compared to his arm or ribs.

“Well it's bad enough if you can't walk.” He really needs serious medical attention... but he's too damn stubborn to let me get him some help. “You really need to have someone look at the rest of your injuries.”

“You've already looked at them, and I'll be damned if I let another person touch me.” he let Naruto set him back on the ground.

“Yeah well you should let someone a hell of a lot more experienced than me look at these. Someone else might actually be able to help you. Then you could run off and do whatever the hell you want.” Naruto muttered. “I'd just feel better seeing you get some help.”

“You're an idiot.” he leaned against the tree, making soft, wheezing sounds as he breathed. “Leave.”

Naruto sat down. “I'm not leaving until I'm sure you're alright. And I'm very sure you aren't alright so...” he crossed his arms and stared at Sasuke stubbornly. “I'm staying.”

“What the hell is your problem?” he was panting. “Why won't you leave me alone?”

“What the hell is your problem!? Why won't you let anyone who actually gives a damn help you?”

“I don't want your help! You-“ Sasuke broke off, coughing violently enough that his entire body shook. His chest was killing him.

Naruto winced slightly at the sound of Sasuke's cough. “Why? Why won't you just let someone help you? You know... someone who's not a twisted psycho.”

“Fuck you.” He was wheezing and gasping for air. His lungs were burning.

“Lay down.”


“Fine... I'll do it while you're sitting up.” he crawled over to Sasuke and turned his head to the side. He leaned head against the Uchiha’s chest and listened to his breathing.

“Get the,” Sasuke gasped, “fuck off... bastard.”

“Shut up. I'm just making sure you don't have a punctured lung.”

Sasuke had another coughing fit, relenting as it passed.

“Hm...Just sounds like a few broken ribs.” Puncture would explain all the breathing problems though. “Apart from being shallow and rough your breathing sounds fine.” he sat back.

“Ass.” He fell back against the tree trunk, body slumped.

Naruto crossed his arms. “Why are you being such a jerk anyway? Is it really that bad that I'm worried about you?”

“I don't need your help, or pity.” He closed his eyes; concentrating on breathing.

“Pity and concern are different you know.”

“Shut up.” There is no difference.

“I don't have pity for you right now because as far as I'm concerned, you brought this on yourself. I'm worried though; worried that when you finally do need help you won't ask for it... and you'll wind up dead.”

“Why the hell do you care if I live or die? We aren't twelve anymore. We aren't teammates anymore.”

“Because we were friends.” Naruto looked at Sasuke. “You said so yourself.”

Sasuke snorted. “I didn't know what I was talking about.”

“It was the most serious I'd ever seen you.”

“I was young and deluded. It didn't mean anything.”

Naruto looked away. “You were honest.” And it meant everything.

“Then your definition of friendship is worse then mine.”

“Well for the record, what is your definition of friendship?”

“A delusion that makes people cling unnecessarily to each other. A weakness.”

“Nope. Yours is way worse than mine. Mine's at least right.”

“Let me guess. When two people care about each other and make each other happy?” He gave a cold laugh, which quickly turned into another body shaking cough.

“Psh, no. That's naivety. Friendship makes people stronger. It's something to fight and die for... it's something to live for. It's trust and support between people.” Naruto crossed his arms around legs. “It doesn't always make you happy. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass. But I'd rather die because of it than try to live without it.”

“You're an idiot. Do you really believe such things?”

“Of course.”

“You're hopeless.”

“So you've said many, many times.”

“Because it's true...” Sasuke was nodding off, despite his efforts to stay awake.

“Yeah...” Naruto muttered. “But you're just as hopeless as me.”

“Dun... insult me... dobe...” His breath was starting to even out.

“You're hopeless and you know it. Hopelessly stubborn, hopelessly foolish, hopelessly arrogant, hopelessly stuck up... I could go on for hours.”

Sasuke didn’t respond, asleep.

Naruto twitched slightly. I guess I shouldn't be annoyed that he just fell least now he's resting again. He stifled a yawn.

Sasuke didn't stir when Naruto laid him on the ground, out cold.

Naruto watched Sasuke for a while before resting eyes as well. He focused on remaining awake, and winced when stomach growled.


And the long rode of angst, tragedy, and cuteness for the two begins. Hope you all enjoyed.

Thanks for reading and please review.

Ja min’na-san.

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PostSubject: Re: Against Your Will - NaruSasu Fanfic   

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Against Your Will - NaruSasu Fanfic
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