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 Role playing rules

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PostSubject: Role playing rules   Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:51 pm

Everyone will abide by these before posting up their role plays

1: Nothing above pg:13. If you wish to start role playing above and beyond let me know and Ill make you your own sub forum thats pg 18

2: No god modding any characters without the users permission.

3: I don't want to see anyone using * *. All posts should be done with " " separating speech from description. Try not to lose one liners. Have at least one paragraph.

4: Role plays will be separated into two separate threads. The first one is to describe and explain what your rp is about, including character profiles and recruitment. The second thread is for the actual role playing to start.

thread 1: [rp name] info and characters!
thread 2: [rp name] rp here!

5: If you're going to join an rp. . please come on at least once a day to post or see if there have been any posts.

Any other rules will be added later.
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Role playing rules
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