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 Volatile Naru/sasu

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PostSubject: Volatile Naru/sasu   Wed May 06, 2009 10:19 am


The three shinobi paused as their feet landed on the high branches of the tree. Their masks hid their features from any curious eyes that they might encounter and proclaimed their rank.

The tree shook as their captain landed on a branch above them.

“We’re almost there Boss.” The female voice was hushed even though they were so close to their home. From their position on the tree, the legendary faces of the five Hokage’s of Konohagakure were outlined against the sinking sun.

“Hai.” Was the unusually toned down response that they heard.

It wasn’t that he didn’t feel glad to be home… but, even though it had been a year since leaving Konoha on the mission reluctantly set by the Hokage, Naruto wasn’t sure if he was ready to face certain people…

He released a quiet sigh that went unheard by his team. Leaning forward slightly he glanced down at them, barely visible blue eyes glinting slightly. They were what had reminded him that he wasn’t the type to sink into depression after seeing… Well, it was best for him to forget about that. It had been a year after all.

A loud bark was heard and Naruto glanced down to see that Akamaru had reappeared on the leaf drowned ground.

“What is it?” He directed he question to the tallest of the three ANBU below.

“Someone’s approaching - but by the sounds of it, it’s just patrol.”

Even though he knew they couldn’t see him, Naruto nodded from behind his white and orange fox mask.

Briefly he grinned. “I can already smell the ramen.”

At his comment he heard Ino snicker and Takado give a soft laugh along with the louder Kiba.

Feeling some of his wariness slip away his grin softened to a smile. “Let’s go.”


A flash of movement and a slight disturbing of the leaves was all that noted their departure.
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Volatile Naru/sasu
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