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 My eyes: narusasu

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PostSubject: My eyes: narusasu   Wed May 06, 2009 10:30 am

It was already the middle of the school year when Sasuke began to attend the Konoha Science High School(KSHS) as a Freshman. Due to the brutal massacre done to his clan by his allegedly mentally disturbed brother, Itachi, he was forced to skip the first semester and mourn his clan. Luckily, the teachers told him that he could still catch up and continue on to his Sophomore year without a problem if he took up the classes he missed during summer.

And that's what he was doing right now.

Sasuke got off from the cab he had ridden to school and paid the driver. He walked toward the entrance and was about to enter when their massive school security guard blocked his way and held out a ham-like hand for his I.D. It wasn't usual for students to come around school during the precious summer moments. When the guard had contented himself that Sasuke was a real KSHS student, he stepped aside and let him enter the campus.

The raven began to walk towards his usual classroom, room A7, while rummaging his bag for his History book. He knew the campus well and could walk around it without bumping into anything. As he reached Building A, he began counting off the rooms before he would reach his own.

A1: Sir Flow's class... A2: Miss Lucy's class... A3: Miss Cornelli's class... A4: Sir Louis's class...A5: Principal's Office--


Sasuke jumped as he heard Principal Tsunade's voice. For a moment, he thought he was the one being talked to. But the idea faded away as the other voice replied rather disrespectfully.

"Whatsit to you, lady?"

Whoever's in there has got guts to talk to the principal like that. Sasuke was a bit curious about what was happening inside so he casually leaned closer to the door and pretended to read his History book. The argument continued.

"What on earth possessed you to vandalize every room in Building C?!"

There was a pause. Sasuke imagined the boy accused looking sad and sorry, but what he said completely contradicted his theory.

The boy calmly replied, using a voice some hippie would use, "Gee, I dunno dude... I think I was high on coke... or was it heroin..."

Sasuke was shocked. The boy openly admitting he was into drugs?! Other schools may be used to it, but not KSHS. Every student was a scholar with above average marks, not some low-life druggie. He waited for the principal's answer.


"Uh... yeah. Marijuana. Definitely marijuana."

Principal Tsunade screamed in exasperation. Sasuke listened closer and heard that the boy was laughing under his breath. Furrowing his eyebrows, Sasuke thought why Tsunade still didn't expell him. His question, though, was immediately answered by the principal.

"Don't you go and start laughing you... you... good lord, I don't even know what you are now. If it weren't for your parents' dying wish that you'd be a resident student here until you graduate, you would have long been eating off garbage bins!"

Sasuke heard a chair scraping against the principal's hardwood floor and what seemed like a fist slamming onto the table.

"Don't bring my parents into this!"

"And why the hell not?! You are asking for it, Naruto! If they saw you now--"


There was an agonizing silence that made Sasuke fear for a second that this 'Naruto' had killed the principal. He strained his ears even more to hear what was going on inside.

Finally, Tsunade said in an eerily calm voice, "Why do you act like this, Naruto? Why do you... hate everything here?"

Another pause. Sasuke could hear the closing of a bag's zipper and the rustling of books being gathered.

"Figure it out yourself," Naruto replied coldly. It was the last statement he heard before the door was wrenched open, causing him to nearly fall into the office. He tried to casually pretend to wait for someone at the other room, but he knew it was useless. All other rooms were dead-empty.

"Don't try and hide it bastard," glowered Naruto, "I know you were listening."

Sasuke couldn't help but turn around to face this person who had called him a bastard. He had his insult ready for firing as he turned, but he was plainly transfixed as he looked into the other's eyes.

It was the brightest blue and seemed to Sasuke that he was looking into abyssmal depths much deeper than any Marianas Trench. And his hair... blonde, wild and untamed, yet strangely neat atop his head. He also had the most peculiar markings on his cheeks, three whiskers on each of them... or were they tattoos...

Thinking that it was probably better to leave the vulgar male, Sasuke turned away and headed toward A7. He was not a man who settled arguments through insults, which would most likely lead to mindless punching and kicking. Anyone in the school who knew Sasuke Uchiha would probably describe him as a bookish person with just a tinge of a 'bad boy' attitude. He smirked at the thought that he had an entire platoon of fangirls at his command.

Just then, he felt a not too gentle hand pull him by the arm and he was again face to face with the boy. Naruto, they called him. Sasuke tried to recall if he had seen this boy wandering the campus along with the other students. He could not.

"Just so you know, pal," Naruto growled, "If I hear that you leaked out whatever you heard from the office, I swear I will--" he ran his left thumb across his tan neck, a gesture of killing intent.

But Sasuke paid no notice to the obvious threat that was just fired at him. He stole a quick glance at Naruto and saw wasn't really that fearsome at all. In fact, he was rather thin and a bit frail underneath his black "Metallica" shirt and rugged jeans. And those shoes. Jeez. Sasuke looked back into his eyes and saw something a bit... off.

Naruto felt a little weirded out by the way Sasuke stared at him like the zombies from "House of the Dead" so he let go of the said bastard and continued on his way, probably to get a fix of some street drug. Sasuke readjusted his shirt and made his way to A7 at last, where Sir Kakashi had been waiting for the last twelve minutes.

"You're late."
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My eyes: narusasu
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