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 Princely Garbs: Soku

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PostSubject: Princely Garbs: Soku   Wed May 06, 2009 10:44 am

Princely Garbs 1

"The palace is under attack!"

"Get the prince as far away as possible!"

"What about the king and queen?"

"It’s too late for them! Hurry and get the prince to safety now!"

"Yes sir!" The guard looked down at the crying three-year-old Sora, then bent picking him up quickly and holding him in his arms. "Don’t worry, young master, we’ll get you out safely." Sora continued to cry, not knowing what was going on or where his parents were. The guard didn’t bother to soothe him, too busy trying to get the two of them out of the palace and to safety. He hated the idea of having to abandon his hometown, but with the death of the king and queen, Sora’s safety was his new top priority. He draped a blanket over Sora’s head, blocking the other’s view of anything going on before he took off running. He might be safe if he could get to one of the neighboring kingdoms. King Sephiroth was strict about helping others making King Ansem to be the most obvious choice to go to. Doesn’t he also have a son? "I’ll get you to safety, young master. You can count on me. I’ll make sure you live."

Sora just sniffled holding onto the guard’s shoulder as they made their escape. Luckily, the blanket was blocking all views of the battle and destruction destroying the palace, as well as the fear the guard knew had to be in his own eyes. He’d have never thought something like this could happen during his lifetime, yet here it was happening before his eyes. He wasn’t bothering to see the enemies they were fighting, just trying to find the quickest way out of the palace. The best way to go would be by horse.

With Sora in arms, the guard made his way carefully through the chaos downstairs heading for the stable. It was surprisingly quiet here, a good sign that the enemy hadn’t made it this far yet. He found a brown horse in one of the stalls and quickly moved to it. Placing Sora on the horse first, he smiled when the other turned around looking at him with confusion and fear in his eyes. He was no doubt wondering what was going on as well as the whereabouts of his parents. "No worries, young master…everything will be ok. We’re going to make it."

The guard smiled resting his hand on top of the young prince’s head and was just about to climb up onto the horse himself when he felt a sudden pain and looked down to see the arrow sticking out of his chest. He could feel his vision getting blurry and he looked up at the young Sora who was staring back down at him, eyes wide with horror and filled with tears. Without a second thought he hit the horse’s butt sending it running off. As the horse ran free of the gate, Sora holding on tight and calling out to him, the guard felt his body grow heavy, not even noticing when he’d collapsed to the ground falling into the small puddle of blood forming beneath him. A finger twitched slightly as his final breath was sucked from him, his lifeless eyes looking off in the in the direction the horse had escaped to. His last wish was for the well being of the young prince.
"Sir, we should really be getting back."

"Nonsense," King Ansem said, as he looked over at Leon with a smile, watching as the other slide his white horse closer. It was a beautiful day today, the perfect day for a horse ride out among the trees. He suspected that he wouldn’t get to do this very often, enjoy these sunny breezy days and the lack of stress from work. It was obviously worrying Leon for him to be out here, as the other had constantly expressed with his suggestions of returning to the palace. Yet, here he had several guards around to assure his safety. Was that not enough to make Leon happy? "We hardly have time to come out and enjoy ourselves without the hassle of work and pressure. I promised my grandson that I would ride with him today, and I plan to fulfilled that promise to the end." At that he looked down at the little boy sitting in front of him on the black horse he rode, platinum hair brushed down in the likeness of his mother’s. Well it was safe to say he got his looks from his mother considering he didn’t have the blonde hair that Ansem had. "Isn’t that right, Riku?"

Riku tilted his head back looking up at his grandfather with his gently green eyes before he nodded his head in agreement. Since the death of his mother and father, the child stayed quiet not saying much, if anything at all. He didn’t play with the other children in the palace, not even with his little cousin Kairi who was staying within the palace with her mother. Ansem had hoped that coming out here on this nice day for a horse ride would make the boy open up, even if it was just a little bit. But so far his hopes hadn’t been attained.

"Sir! There’s something over here!"

"What is it?" Ansem turned his horse around carefully and headed over to where a soldier was standing by a gathering of long grass. The soldier didn’t respond right away, disappearing into the long grass before he came back holding something in his arms carefully. Whatever he was holding, it was fragile.
"I think it’s a child," the soldier said as he brought his bundle over to the king, which had been covered by a very elaborate blanket. "He seems pretty hurt." Ansem frowned slightly then held his arms out.

"Let me see him." The bundle was placed in his arms with care making the king wonder at the lightness of the thing. Ansem glanced over at Leon, seeing the disapproving look on the other’s face before he sighed and continued on with what he was doing. As he pulled the blanket back, he found himself staring down at chubby cheeks covered in dirt and closed eyes. The boy looked like he’d been out for a while, which surprised the king considering how young he seemed to be, only one year younger than his little grandson. There was no telling how long he’d been here, but the fact he was covered in dirt meant it’d probably been a while…several days at most.

His chest raised and lowered in exhaustion, the only sign that he was even alive at the moment. It was a wonder he’d even been able to survive this long considering the possibilities of wolves and other wild animals looking for food, not to mention the boy’s lack of food. Could someone have abandoned the boy for dead? No…the crown shaped necklace around his neck was proof enough that he hadn’t been just abandoned. It was worth a lot and made Ansem wonder where the boy had gotten it. Had it somehow been stolen from another nation? There was possibility that he’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time and was only lucky now to be alive though in great need of food, water, and care. "We’ll take him with us to the palace. Guards, check around, make sure there are no others."

"Are you sure it’s wise to take him with us?" Leon said with a frown, though his eyes focused on the little boy. The child didn’t even stir, lost in the world that must be sleep from his exhaustion.

"This child could pose no more danger than a fly to a frog," Ansem said, smiling in amusement as he noticed that little Riku was watching the boy. He placed a hand on top of Riku’s head ruffling his hair slightly before he passed the sleeping child to Leon, laughing slightly when the other grunted and draped the child over his horse. Despite his earlier disagreement, he was being very gentle with the boy, almost like he was afraid he’d hurt him by accident.

"We’ll take him home and get him cleaned up as good as new. Besides, Riku could use a playmate." Leon could find no argument and snorted nodding his head before he took the reigns and started off for the palace. He was the king’s first in command and a very close friend, having been best friends with Riku’s father. So it was safe to assume that he took very good care of Riku’s safety as well as Kairi’s. It would only be a matter of time before he grew attached to this new child, whatever his name might be. "Hm…let’s head back to the palace now."
"So how’s the kid?" Leon said, his back leaning against the doorframe to the bedroom now reserved for their new guest. Aeris looked up from where she was sitting on the edge of the bed and smiled standing and moving to the side letting Leon see the bright-eyed boy staring up at him. This didn’t look like the same peacefully sleeping boy he’d brought in not even a full day ago. His huge expressive blue eyes stared up at Leon, though there was a bit of fear behind them. On the dresser beside the bed, there was a bowl sitting there, empty now of the contents that had once been there. Leon guessed that meant the kid was full.

At least he’s eating something.

"He doesn’t seem to remember anything that’s happened," Aeris explained as she knelt down beside the bed and started to comb at the boy’s hair, smiling as it just kept bouncing back up into the air. It was definitely some defiant hair, something Aeris seemed to be getting a kick out of. "But I was able to find out that his name is Sora."

"Hmm…." Leon nodded his head a bit as he folded his arms over his chest. "That name sounds familiar…." He pushed himself up from the wall and walked over to the child, standing towering over him, not noticing that Sora’s eyes got bigger the closer he got to him. "And this necklace he’s wearing…it’s ringing a lot of bells but I can’t place it."

"Maybe you should keep him under your wing," Aeris said smiling as she picked up the three-year-old and held him up to Leon, tilting her head to the side. "You’re just the type that could make him tough and strong, like Riku."

"I’m not trying to be a guardian," Leon said but felt himself loosing the battle as Sora continued to stare at him, tilting his head in the opposite direction of Aeris. Despite the fact that he wasn’t a fan of kids, Leon couldn’t bring himself to say know when he looked into that face. Either he was growing soft, or this kid had some hidden persuasive talents. That could be bad for the future. With a sigh, Leon reached out taking Sora from Aeris and holding him up bringing him eye to eye. "Fine, I’ll keep a watch over him and teach him what I know." Though right now, he was tempted to pass the little brat off to Cloud, King Ansem’s second in command. Just the two of them together made an unstoppable army, though Leon considered himself the better of them. "From now on, you’re going to call me General Leon, got it?"

"Ley…on…" Sora said before he wiggled his nose and sneezed, his spiky hair bouncing slightly. Leon sighed sitting the three-year-old on the ground. It was worth a shot anyway. Leon glanced back towards the door, hearing the bouncing of a ball and saw Riku standing there though the ball had been forgotten now. The other was staring towards them, or more at Sora.

"Well, look who’s come to visit our new guest." Aeris placed her hands on her knees as she smiled at the boy. "Don’t be shy, young prince, he won’t bite." Riku came into the room more, his eyes still watchful of the young boy standing in front of Leon. Sora was watching him in return and finally took a few steps before he found himself standing in front of Riku. At first the other just continued to stare at him…before he grabbed Sora’s hand and pulled tugging him from the room. Leon had a frown on his face as he peered out the door but received a little shocker himself as Riku picked up the ball and pushed it into Sora’s hands.

"Play?" was all Riku asked causing Sora to shine his first smile since being brought here as he nodded his head happily. There was no telling how it was that Riku managed to make Sora happy just that easily and quickly nor how Sora’s presence already seemed to be working its magic on Riku. It could all just have to do with the fact that they were both children and so felt more comfortable with each other. But then again Riku did spend his time around Kairi a lot, yet she didn’t seem to cause any major changes in him. So the only other solution was that they were both boys. What else could there be? He was just glad that the two of them seemed like they’d get along just fine together. And with Kairi there too, the three of them would make each other strong…hopefully without getting into trouble all the time.

I really need to stop thinking so much….

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Posts : 423
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PostSubject: Re: Princely Garbs: Soku   Wed May 06, 2009 10:44 am

Ok, all I have to do is get back to the tree and I’ll be safe!

Sora grinned, his spiky hair jittering softly on top of his head as he sneak from out of his hiding place. He’d been hiding behind the bushes, making sure none of the other kids had seen him. Sure, he was sixteen but he still enjoyed a good old fashion game of hide-and-seek. They were currently playing the game in the garden, considering it the best place since it had the most hiding space. The garden was actually the center of the palace. It could be entered from any side and looked down on from any hall. But he shouldn’t be thinking about this right now. No, his thoughts should be right on that tree which happened to be clear of the ‘enemy’ lurking around in search of him. He was the last one left, the rest of the players already at the tree.

Tidus and Selphie had been the first two to make it, jumping up and down happily declaring themselves the Victors. Kairi had giggled as she made her way to the tree, having made it easily, not even really having to run. This all meant one thing to Sora. Riku, the ‘it’ person, was searching out someone particular. Normally, Riku could have easily gotten any of the other three friends. But it looks like this time he was after Sora.

Can I make it?

Sora stood there for a moment before squatting down and slowly starting to sneak his way towards the tree. He’d make it; he had to make it. Because…there was no way he was going to be it! He hated being it! Everyone always hid so well and by the time he looked back at the tree, everyone was there. How did they do that! Kairi glanced over at him, seemingly noticing that he was on his way and she glanced around for a second before quickly gesturing for him to run. That was a good enough signal as any. Standing up quickly, Sora started a mad dash for the tree. He was going to make it; he had to make it! If he didn’t make it he’d be it! Then he’d wind up counting forever until the game finally and blissfully ended!

Sora saw a panicking look spreading around his friends’ faces before the word ‘hurry’ started to come from all of their mouths. That could only mean one thing…Riku was onto him.

"Hurry, Sora!" Kairi called out, her hands cupped over her mouth to make her words reach him. "He’s right behind you!"

Behind me! How!

Sora didn’t even fix a glance behind him, almost sensing the other behind him as he started to run, moving his legs as fast as he could. That tree looked so close but so far away. Was he even going to make it before Riku caught him?

I can do this! I can make it!

He ran faster, getting closer to the tree, his hand reaching out as he was just about to touch it…before he collapse falling to the ground. He felt like his head was spinning, a weight pinning him down from behind.

"Looks like I caught you," Riku said laughing softly from his place onto of Sora. He sat up, using Sora’s butt as a seat as he folded his arms looking down at Sora with a smirk. The smug bastard was gloating!

"Riku," Sora said before struggling and managing to knock the other off of him. He slowly pushed up to his feet, brushing himself off before he looked at Riku, a pout lifting to his lips. "That wasn’t fair."

"Seems fair to me," Riku said in return, that smirk still on his lips. "The rules say I just have to catch you. And I did so that means you’re it."

"Geez," Sora sighed, shaking his head quickly as the leaves in his hair finally started to fall out. He didn’t have to be so rough! "I hate being it…." The pout still didn’t leave Sora’s lips. He really hated to be it! Why did Riku have to target him out again! He never seemed to go after any of the others!

"Young master!" The group of friends looked over at the voice seeing a young woman coming out of one of the side doors. She stopped once she was in front of the Riku, panting softly like she’d run the whole way. What was going on now? "Young master," she said again as she bowed her head down to him. "The king wishes to speak with you."

"Again?" Riku said giving an exaggerated sigh before he turned around looking at his friends. "Seems like I’m wanted again," he said as he reached up brushing his bangs out of his eyes. "You guys just keep playing. I’ll be back as soon as I can." He turned following the young lady back into the palace. Sora frowned softly, wondering what was up. Riku was always getting dragged off for one thing or another. It really bugged him at times, especially since sometimes Riku wouldn’t even tell them what had happened. He glanced at the group of friends.

"You guys keep playing, I’ll be right back."

"Hey now," Selphie said, her hands resting on her hips as she looked at him. "How are we supposed to play the game without you? You’re it!"

"She’s right," Kairi said though she giggled softly behind her hand. "We all know how much you hate to be it, but it’s really your turn now."

"Yeah, I know I know," Sora said though he rolled his eyes. "But I really do need to check on something and I swear I’ll be it as soon as I get back!" Before they could give any complaints, Sora ran off heading for the door he knew Riku had disappeared into. He knew he shouldn’t do what it was he was about to do. But he really wanted to know what was going on. There had to be a reason that Riku was being called away so often. But what was it?

As he got closer to the King’s room, he slowed down knowing that the guards were probably keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, such as nosy people like him. And what was it that he did around the palace? He was a trainee under Leon’s orders. Leon was considered his superior officer and the last person he wanted to see. For some reason, Leon was a workaholic. So if he found Sora just sitting around doing nothing, he was quick to find him something to do. A lot of times he’d wind up sparring, but sometimes he’d get stuck with cleaning and laundry…. Well laundry could be fun sometimes, since he heard a lot of gossip from the females there. For instance, he didn’t know that Leon didn’t wear underwear. At least that’s what he heard. Apparently no one’s ever actually washed any of Leon’s underwear before…which probably meant he didn’t have any.

But sometimes, if it wasn’t Leon that found him, it was Cloud. But unlike Leon, Cloud wouldn’t make him go do work. Instead he’d just give him this…look before he kept moving. It was strange. It was like he knew something…and for some reason Sora couldn’t help feeling…familiar. Had he met him before or something? It wasn’t like Sora could remember any of his past from before the kingdom. The only thing he knew was that he’d been found outside the palace and brought him. He was lucky to be alive and especially lucky to have so many good friends.

Several of the servants had told him how happy Riku had become since he’d appeared. Apparently Riku used to be very closed off to people…but somehow Sora had changed that. Course that made him feel good but…why was it that he was the cause to Riku’s opening up? Even his flesh and blood didn’t seem to help…but someone who was just brought off from the streets somehow managed it?

But why do I keep getting this feeling that Cloud knows something?

"What are you doing here?" a voice broke him from his thoughts and he looked up seeing Riku staring down at him in confusion. Right…so much for the plan of eavesdropping.

"I just came to wait up on you," Sora said giving him a grin. Well it was still close to the truth. He just wanted to know what was going on. "So what did he want to talk to you about?"

"Nothing," Riku said quietly though he turned his head looking away from him. It made Sora frown. What was that about? Well it wasn’t like it was any of Sora’s business but still…

"Oh…." Sora looked down. Riku didn’t look happy. What could the king have said to him? "Ah…well…I told the other’s I’d be back to play the game." Sora looked up at Riku again, smiling in hopes of getting the other to cheer up. "How about we go back and play?"

"Maybe later," Riku mumbled. "I think…I’ll go to bed." He turned starting away down the hallway leaving a confused Sora standing there staring at his back. What just happened? Riku just turned down a game of hide and seek, one of his favorite games to play…when Sora was it.

"Riku!" Sora said quickly, the other stopping in the middle of the hallway and looking over his shoulder at him. Sora bit at his lips, not expecting to get the other’s attention. What was he going to say to him anyway? "Um…I’m…I’m here if you need to talk about it."

Riku seemed to hesitate for a moment before the smallest of a smile grazed his lips. "Fine…tonight then…come to my room." He turned walking off again leaving his young friend staring after him. This was getting weirder and weirder. What was going on? Sora wiggled his nose slightly. Well…Riku said he’d tell him tonight. So he’d just wait for tonight. Now…to ditch the game or to go back and be…it…that was the question.

God, I hate being it!
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Princely Garbs: Soku
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