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 Ceres of Magic, Suwa of dragons : Kurofai

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PostSubject: Ceres of Magic, Suwa of dragons : Kurofai   Wed May 06, 2009 10:48 am

In the country of Ceres there are many magic users. Magicians, wizards, witches, you name it, they were there. In fact that seemed to be the only kind of people that Ceres held. This was for one reason and one reason only. Non-magical people were illegal. The country had to be 'purified' of the unworthy, and the unworthy were those not blessed by the gods with magic. All those without magic were killed and then buried in mass graves to be forgotten forever.

However, you could not tell this fact from the way the country looked. Farms, towns, cities, castles. People walked, all with happy looks on their faces. The country did not seem to be in turmoil. In fact, it was seemingly peaceful and happy. This was because most people believed that what was being done was right. They believed that non-magical people were either evil, or bad luck. Thus they all had to go.

In fact the only place that this did not seem to be true was at the central castle of the country, Castle Ruval. From within this castle you could hear screaming through the halls and if you followed that sound you would be taken to the throne room, where King Ashura sat on his chair staring down at a family of three. A man, a woman, and a small boy who was no older than three years of age. "No! Go ahead!" The woman put her hands over the ears of the boy as she screamed, "Kill us! But leave him! He has done no wrong!"

"Selfish woman."

"Oh, how can you say that! All of your children have magic, you have no clue what it's like! Have mercy on him, he's just a boy!"

"Yes." The man smirked, "All my children now have magic...but there was one who did not." The woman's face looked horrified as he continued to speak. "He was a twin. One twin had magic, and the other did not. Just like anyone else in the kingdom, he was promptly killed. My children are no different than anyone else."

"I don't believe you!"

"You don't? Well, I'll just have to change that." Ashura beckoned for one of his men to come closer. "Go get Fai."

"But your majesty..."

"But what?"

"He hasn't recovered yet..."

"Even better. Bring him." The guards bowed and left the room, only to return a minute later with a small boy just the same age as the other boy. This princely child was blond with blue eyes, the common boy possessed black hair and red eyes. Perfect opposites. "Fai...these people do not believe that Yuui died because he lacked magic. Would you like to correct them?"

Fai looked to the family. His lip trembled, tears welled up in the bright jewels, and they knew; it was true. "Now that we understand that no one is exempt from this rule, shall we start with the boy?"

"No!" Ashura snapped his fingers. Two guards came up and grabbed the man and woman, another coming to hold the boy still. Another snap and another guard drew his sword coming forward to slash the boy, to kill him.

"NO!"There was a scream and suddenly there was another body in front of the common child. The prince called Fai could be seen standing in front of him, arms outstretched, tears running down his face. "I can't stand it! Let him go! PLEASE!"

Ashura stood up from his chair, "Fai, you didn't defy me when I killed Yuui. You just stood there, and yet you stand here and cry for a commoner you've never met?!" The king spat. "What are you willing to pay for his life?" Ashura came up to Fai, placing his hands on Fai's face.

The blond shook and shivered from the touch, trying to back out of it, but only succeeding in backing against the person he was protecting. "A-anything! Just don't kill him! Give him to me! I'll take care of him! Please!"

"For a child to take on such a responsibility..." Ashura ran his fingers through Fai's hair. "Fine. I will make him yours. I will grant your wish and his parents wish. For the price of their lives and your spoken words."

"M-my voice?"

"No...your spoken words. You can never speak again. If I found out you have spoken a single word, and I will have him killed immediately. Until then, he'll become yours. Your bodyguard, your knight, you're attendent. He'll be your footman, your butler, whatever you please. Do we have a deal?"

"Ye--" Fai stopped himself and nodded. He didn't know why he wanted to save this boy so much, but after Yuui, he couldn't stand to see someone else his age just die before his eyes.

"All right. He is yours. I'll have him trained." Ashura snapped his fingers and the boy was carried off. "Fai. Go back to your room. I don't think you want to see your pet's parents die."

Fai looked to the man and woman. A sad smile came to his face and his lips moved. They formed the words, 'I'm sorry' but no sound came out. The woman smiled back at him. "You helped us. Don't be sorry."

"Fai. Go." The prince shook at the commanding voice and nodded, quickly running from the chamber followed by the very guards who had brought him here.

At least he had saved one. All the words he would ever speak were well worth the life he had saved.
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Ceres of Magic, Suwa of dragons : Kurofai
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